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My question is…what does separation code llc and. –  · Hi my question is.what does Separation Code LLC and Reentry Code 3 mean on my DD214?. Lawyer’s Assistant: Are you overseas or stateside? I am in Hawaii so overseas. Lawyer’s Assistant: Have you talked to anyone in the chain of command about this? No I have been out since 2011. Lawyer’s Assistant: Anything else you want the lawyer to know before I connect you?

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Flea market seeks to give veterans a lift – MAURICE RIVER TOWNSHIP – If you are veteran with a product to sell, a peddlers license and a DD-214, the Veterans Flea Market on Route. “We need more participants to make it look like we are in.

Touchstone Research Store – NOTE: The VetRecs Card is for U.S. Military Veterans only. If you arenot a veteran, you do not have a *real* DD-214, and therefore you cannotand will not be able to use a VetRecs Card in order to obtain militarybenefits or otherwise prove your military service. Some companies andservices will provide a "veteran" card to anyone!

American Legion Elgin Post 57 – POST 57 QUEEN of hearts! elgin post 57 started its 2nd game of Queen of Hearts program on MONDAY, April 22nd, 2019 at 8 PM. Mary Ann R. was the winner and selected Card # 18. That card was the 9 (nine) of diamonds and Mary Ann won $50.00.Next Week’s Jackpot will be $1,403.00 and the drawing will take place on Monday, 04/29/2019 at 8 P.M. Tickets will be available at the Canteen.

How To Use Rental Income To Qualify For Mortgage Let's talk FHA rental income – UberWriter – I believe would both agencies rules make great overlays to mitigate risk in a mortgage portfolio. Ok enough chatter let’s dive right in! Required history of receiving rental income. All three agencies allow a borrower to be a "new" landlord and qualify with rental income either from the subject or other properties.

DD214 – Your guide to the DD214 – A DD214 is proof of your military service. Use your DD214 to access military benefit programs such VA home loans, veteran affairs health care and the GI bill.

Assemblyman Voepel Accused of Valor Theft’ by GOP Rival, Navy Veteran – Now it’s up to the press to look into that. My job is done here.” (Herron did not respond to a request for Voepel’s version of the DD214.) A Freedom of Information. (Hoey says Voepel wears the.

Talk of the County: Trump tactics worthy of WWE – You’ve just got name-calling, just like most Democrats. There’s a wonderful organization. All the veterans have to do is provide an ID card or a DD-214. Please donate to this wonderful organization.

How to get your DD214 Discharge Papers and Military Records – Obtaining your military discharge papers, DD214 or any other records after you have completed your military service can look like a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be. If you are a veteran, your records are available to you if you request them. Thanks to the Internet, obtaining your military records is as easy as ever.

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