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can i refinance my second mortgage only

Second Mortgage Calculator – Refinance & Consolidation – consolidate both loans with the second mortgage lender, pay off the second mortgage by selling other assets to generate cash, or; forget about refinancing altogether. You can also lower your payments by refinancing your first mortgage only – but it isn’t easy. You’ll need to ask the second mortgage lender to agree to the new terms.

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Can I Deduct My Mortgage Interest? — The Motley Fool – The mortgage interest tax deduction. As of 2017, the IRS allows homeowners to deduct the interest they pay on their primary residence and/or second home, up to a maximum of $1 million in original.

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Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan – VA Home Loans – Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan page for the VA Loan Guaranty Service. An IRRRL can only be made to refinance a property on which you have already used your VA loan eligibility. It must be a VA to VA refinance, and it will reuse the entitlement you originally used.. If you have a second mortgage, the holder must agree to.

Should I Refinance My Mortgage? | Regions – Use Region Bank’s mortgage refinance calculator to see if it makes sense for you to refinance your home loan. There are a number of reasons for refinancing a mortgage, but the most common reason is to obtain a lower interest rate and lower monthly payments.

How To Refinance A Second Mortgage | Loans Canada – How to Refinance a Second Mortgage.. Even if your plan is to refinance your second mortgage to gain some extra money to pay off credit cards bills or other high interest debt, your interest rate should still drop.. Loans Canada only works with financial service providers that adhere to.

Financing: I have a first and second mortgage on my house. – You aren’t always required to combine your 1st & 2nd mortgage into a new 1st mortgage if you want to refinance. Refinancing of only the 1st mortgage is done all of the time, but when you have a 2nd mortgage and are only refinancing the 1st mortgage, the 2nd mortgage needs to subordinate to the new 1st mortgage you are getting.

U.S. Bank |Second Mortgage vs. home equity Loan – Second mortgage vs. home equity loan.. A second loan, or mortgage, against your house will either be a home equity loan, which is a lump-sum loan with a fixed term and rate, or a HELOC, which features variable rates and continuing access to funds.. or below 3.25% APR. Choosing an interest-only repayment may cause your monthly payment to.

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